New research finds premium OTT delivers better results for advertisers

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to keep consumers in their homes and on their devices, OTT consumption across Southeast Asia has seen strong growth.* It has become one of the fastest growing media channels in the region. And one that advertisers cannot ignore.

Late last year we commissioned a piece of research with Kantar to explore the relative efficacy of video advertising in premium OTT and non-premium environments in Southeast Asia. The impact of the same video creative on conscious and subconscious viewer response was measured in two different environments.

The research found that:

  • Premium OTT platforms facilitate better brand awareness and messaging
  • Viewers trust premium OTT platforms more than non-premium with use of their personal data
  • Viewers on premium OTT platforms are more receptive to ads

Ads on premium OTT can benefit from a halo effect - resulting in significant uplifts in branding metrics like unaided brand awareness and message delivery.

Unlike their counterparts in other regions, viewers in SEA are remarkably tolerant to advertising on OTT. A recent study from The Trade Desk found that 89 percent of Southeast Asian viewers will watch ads in exchange for free programming.**

The results are clear - premium video channels like OTT should be an essential part of every advertiser’s toolkit. Consumers trust these platforms and as such are more receptive to ads on them.

“From a planning perspective, this research certainly supports GroupM’s view that OTT should be considered as part of the TV plan alongside the linear schedule as a way to driving wider marketing goals (uplift in awareness), rather than it being measured using digital metrics like completions & click throughs.”
- John Miskelly, Investment Director, APAC at GroupM

Find out more – download the report here.


*57 percent of Southeast Asian viewers are now streaming more OTT video content because of COVID-19
**89 percent of Southeast Asian viewers will watch ads in exchange for free programming