New luxury magazine Portfolio launches in March 2017

Media Group has launched a monthly business and luxury lifestyle magazine titled Portfolio from March 2017.  According to a press statement from Media Group, the magazine’s performance is generally tied to that of retail, with brand advertising as its main source of revenue.

The monthly print edition of Portfolio will be circulated to an exclusive database of high net worth individuals. The said database is a mixture of acquired data and personal networks. A number of copies will be available through select business associations, membership clubs, and VIP sectors, or through subscription.

“A lot of it depends on the magazine’s target sector and target audience,” said Dennis Pua, managing director of Media Group. “Readers respond favourably to unique and useful content on relevant delivery platforms. The luxury sector is looking under served; there is definitely room in it for a new title that can deliver the right information.”

Besides print, Portfolio will also deliver a range of content specially developed for digital platforms, including its own website ( and proprietary app, which readers can download for free.

“We are addressing the information requirements and media consumption of a key segment of our readership,” Pua said. “We aim to engage a broad audience that will include a younger generation of top professionals and business owners who are tech‐savvy.”

“Besides established leaders of the industry and enterprise, we want to engage other thought leaders and game-changers who work in new trades or belong to a younger age cohort. They are observed to be conversant with new technologies. We want to draw them into meaningful conversations and exchange of ideas,” said Marc Almagro, managing editor of Portfolio.