Netizens demand a full movie based on Burberry's latest Christmas ad

The people of the Internet world have spoken. They want Burberry's new Christmas ad, starring Domhnall Gleeson and Sienna Miller, to be made into a real film.

As part of its Christmas marketing campaign, the luxury fashion brand released a lavish three-and-a-half minute film called "The Tale of Thomas Burberry" early last week, to tell how Thomas Burberry (Gleeson), the founder of the brand, built his fashion empire during WWI.

The story covers Burberry's personal relationships with his love interest (Miller), his friends and colleagues. The film, which is technically a teaser advert, was directed by the Oscar-winning documentary maker Asif Kapadia.

While Christmas still has more than one month and a half to go, the spot has gotten people talking, with numerous Tweets asking for the rest of the footage to be released.

And in case, you haven't seen the spot, watch it here:

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Within six days, the Facebook post has garnered more than 2.5m views, 32k likes and 8.5k shares. Its YouTube video has already generated 4 million views.