Netizens commend RapidKL for handling stray dog on train with care

Rapid Rail, the operator of RapidKL, has apologised for causing anxiety and inconvenience to commuters after a stray dog got into its station and boarded the train. The statement on RapidKL's Facebook page, which garnered over 930 reactions and 240 comments, said the incident took place at LRT Miharja Station, an at-grade station, which means it could potentially be accessed by strays and other animals.

The intrusion of the stray dog was detected "immediately" by the company's auxiliary police (AP). However, the police could not remove the dog in time, before it scampered onto the train that arrived at the station at 8.24am.


Rapid Rail said: "The AP followed the stray on-board and quietly observed it the entire time it was on the train to avoid causing panic and commotion amongst our guests. Considering that it did not show any signs of aggressiveness, the AP decided to get the stray out at LRT Pandan Jaya Station, another at-grade station, at 8.29am."

It added that it was "captured humanely" and released at a location that is within safe distance of its LRT stations. The company will also be increasing its vigilance and patrol of all its at-grade stations to ensure such incidence does not recur in the future.

Since the posting, RapidKL has been flooded with positive comments from netizens, who said they are grateful that the dog was not harmed in the process and that the company did a good job of handling the incident with compassion. One netizen also shared what was on many people's minds - whether the Muslim community was alarmed in the process. To this, RapidKL said the commuters had been "very calm" and understood that the dog is "sesat" (stray).

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