Nestlé creates bra camera for a cause

One woman. One day. One bra fitted with a hidden camera.

What first appears as a lewd hidden camera stunt turns out to be Nestlé Fitness' unique Pink Ribbon initiative for October's breast cancer awareness month. The concept itself was headed by advertising agency McCann Paris.

The video - that has now gone viral - followed bra cam volunteer Eloise Oliver, who went around London with a hidden camera attached to her cleavage-baring pink top. From cashiers in cafes to fellow commuters on the tube, Oliver or rather her chest attracted much attention with 38 people - men, women, even a puppy at one point - stealing quick glances.

Then, it cuts to the video's overall message: Your breasts are checked out every day. So when was the last time you checked your own?

The video then ends with Oliver looking at herself in the mirror with a wide smile.

Some viewers responded negatively on Nestlé Fitness' YouTube page, lambasting the campaign as "ridiculous" and "useless". Others found the video to be a humourous and unusual way of driving across the importance of breast self-exams. 

What is your take? Yay or nay?

The hashtag #CheckYourSelfie is also being promoted alongside the campaign.

Written by Prasanthi Ram