Nestlé MY files police report as MAGGI QR codes link to unsavoury sites

Nestlé Malaysia’s spokesperson told A+M that the company has filed a police report after it saw an “unlawful attack by irresponsible parties” hoping to discredit its reputation.

This comes after QR codes on some MAGGI products, such as cup noodles, allegedly linked consumers to offensive and sexual content, including online gambling sites. This led to some netizens taking to MAGGI Malaysia’s and Nestlé Malaysia’s Facebook pages to comment on the matter.

The spokesperson told A+M in an exclusive statement, that Nestlé Malaysia was alerted to this incident when some of the QR codes on MAGGI products were found to be diverted by a third party agency to offensive content and possible malware when scanned, instead of Nestlé MAGGI Malaysia’s website. “Some of the comments posted on this incident also appeared to be originating from Facebook users with dubious profiles,” the spokesperson added.

The spokesperson said that Nestlé Malaysia considers this an “extremely serious matter” and has a zero tolerance policy towards inappropriate and unlawful content. While the company has made attempts to reach out to “the third party involved” in this incident to divert the link back to the correct website, Nestlé Malaysia’s spokesperson said that these attempts “[have] not borne fruit”. Therefore, prompting the company to report the incident to the government authorities. According to videos circulating online, the third party agency is Mad Labs, a technology-based R&D company in Malaysia.

“Due to a lack of cooperation from the third party involved in this incident, we have immediately lodged reports with the Royal Malaysia Police and relevant government authorities. We are providing the authorities our fullest cooperation to resolve this matter as soon as possible,” the spokesperson said.

Consumers with enquiries regarding the matter are also advised to contact the Nestlé Consumer Services Centre. A+M has reached out to Mad Labs for comment.

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