Nestlé hangs out on Google+

Nestlé will be tapping into the online engagement opportunities via Google+ “Hangouts on Air” with a Nestlé Wellness Cook-Along Google+ Hangout on 26 June. The campaign aims to encourage and inspire Singaporeans to eat well, be active and stay healthy.

Rajiv Deraniyagala, managing director of Nestlé Singapore explained that through the campaign Nestlé Singapore is taking a step forward with this digital initiative.

"We are always looking for ways to keep up with current trends and we find that the Google+ Hangout is just the right platform to do this," he said.

Deraniyagala added that The Wellness Cook-along is part of this year’s Choose Wellness, Choose Nestlé campaign and the brand wanted to reach out to the mass online market and instill the message of ‘wellness made easy’ in line with Nestlé’s overall motto of ‘Good Food, Good Life’."

The Nestlé Wellness Cook-Along Google+ Hangout will be accessible to anyone with a web browser, data or wifi-enabled smartphone or tablet. It will be streamed live on YouTube via Nestlé Singapore’s channel as well as Google+ page.

Housing Nestlé’s overarching themes of Nutrition, Health and Wellness, the Cook-Along will feature co-hosts Celebrity Chef Bobby Chinn and local blogger Xiaxue, where they will demonstrate ‘wellness made easy’ with three original recipes concocted by Chef Bobby Chinn.

Three winners selected from a social media contest will appear on-screen during the Cook-Along and be able to virtually interact with Chef Bobby Chinn and Xiaxue during the session. Winners will be provided with all the necessary ingredients to participate in the Hangout. In addition, they will also win SG$300 worth of kitchen tools to continue their healthy cooking endeavour after the Wellness Cook-Along.

Here's a sneak peak of the hang out session: