Nescafé tops YouTube ads leaderboard

Need some inspiration this Friday? These top five YouTube videos in Hong Kong might enlighten you a bit.

Google has released its YouTube Hong Kong Ads leaderboard for 2016 Q2. The list represents the top five ads that resonated most with audiences across the city, and celebrates the brands that performed best among Hong Kong audiences through a combination of popularity and promotion.

Brands once again used every trick in the book during Q2 2016, and mesmerised audiences with a slew of creative video ads that immersed them in authentic first-person experiences, a touching and powerful story, and an over-the-top, but nostalgic song that had them glued to their monitor and smartphone screens.

Let's go through them all.

1. Nescafé

The four-minute YouTube video ad 黎明 NESCAFÉ 極品白咖啡【情深咖啡未曾飲】, which features legendary singer Leon Lai selling Nescafé instant coffee with a redo of his classic song and fun jokes, tops the chart of 2016 Q2 YouTube Ads Leaderboard. Completely over the top, hilarious, but with a touch nostalgia, the brilliantly thought-out and executed video ad guaranteed itself a top spot in Q2.

2. Olay

Coming in at the number two spot is beauty YouTube creator Cynbunny, who takes audiences on a behind-the-scenes tour of Olay’s labs in Singapore to discover how their whitening and skin care products are created in Cynbunny | 跟我去新加坡工幹!入實驗室撳光度緊急掣.

Instead of employing masterful cinematography, Cynbunny takes a head-on approach, showing audiences the behind-of. Raw, real, seemingly casual, but masterfully thought-out.

3. Microsoft

Microsoft also opted for a seemingly simple, but creative approach to selling its 2-in-1 Surface Book. Rather than staged shots of the product, the ad lets Jimmy and Jimmy, a famous local florist and tattoo artist, showcase the product in action, demonstrating how floral art and tattoo are being put together, to echo with the message for the campaign and product.

4. Gillette

Humor, coupled with an authentic, direct approach gave Gillette the fourth spot on the 2016 Q2 YouTube Ads Leaderboard. Instead of beating around the bush, the brand showcases technologies of the product in a live demonstration in 吉列旋轉刀頭科技 限量優惠$55.9. This video ad speaks to every man – shaving doesn’t have to be a chore, it can be cool and awesome with its product.

5. AIA

Wrapping up the YouTube Ads Leaderboard in Q2 is AIA’s "愛在當下" 微電影 – 父子篇, a four-minute microfilm. Local relevance and authenticity lie at the heart of this ad, which tells the real-life story of professional bowler Wu Siu Hong and his battle with cancer. With several highly-emotional scenes that are carefully crafted, audiences are drawn into the story. The ad ends with photos of Wu in real life and AIA’s short, but highly-effective sell of its added protection scheme for cancer.