Nescafe promotes the Singaporean kampong spirit

Nescafe has launched a new campaign with the introduction of the SG Doorbell Day. This is an extension of its Creating Friendships campaign launched last November to promote ‘neighbourliness’.

In a press statement, the brand said that Singapore is a country known for its efficiency and fast development but the country has started losing its ‘neighbourliness’. This year, as the nation celebrates its 50th year of independence, “there is an opportunity to once again bring back the kampong spirit which has brought Singaporeans together in achieving 50 years of peace, prosperity and friendship,” said the brand.

Partnering up with Grey Group Singapore’s newly-formed philanthropic arm, Grey for Good, this initiative aims to bring Singaporeans together through the simple act of pressing the doorbell to say hello. People can snap a photo with their neighbors and upload them to social media with #SGDoorbellDay.

Take a look at the campaign below:

"Doorbell Day is a fantastic initiative by Nescafe and Grey Group Singapore to break down barriers between neighbours. Simple acts like sharing snacks or doing small favours for each other are great ways to break the ice and kick-start blossoming friendships. These little interactions build up a sense of kinship within the community that makes our neighbourhoods a better place to come home to," said William Wan, general secretary, Singapore Kindness Movement.

Campaign Credits:

Chief Creative Officer - Ali Shabaz
Executive Creative Director - Low Jun Jek
Jr Copywriter - Nicholas Goh
Jr Art Director - Darren Leong
Digital Art Director - Puah Ser Young
Head of Social - Gavin Tan
Account Director - Juhi Manwani
Senior Account Manager - Khoo Suat Ling
Photography - Frame By Frame
Regional Director, PR & Corporate Communications - Huma Qureshi
Regional Corporate Communications Executive - Pang Yanrong