NEON Leaders launches in Hong Kong, offering on-demand access to senior marketing experts

Though there is a lot of talk about fluid approaches to work in the marketing and advertising world, the reality is the processes for hiring and being hired for marketing work can be incredibly stiff. Former Mars global brand director Jennifer Woollford has stepped forward with a potential alternative for Hong Kong, officially launching NEON Leaders, a platform with the goal of matching senior marketing directors and companies. 

NEON Leaders' membership is made up of a collection of senior marketing directors that possess experience across a variety of sectors, industries, and regions, who can be contracted by companies for counsel and leadership on demand for services ranging from a one day workshop to a long-term project, with specialisms including cross-branding, digital transformation, to talent management.

“We are building a formidable team of the best senior marketing leaders looking for autonomy over how and when they work. Bringing these people together we deliver an exceptional quality of resource drawing upon the breadth and depth of the team’s collective experiences with impact, agility and cost-effectiveness for the client," commented Woollford.

jennifer woollford neon

Jennifer Woollford

The pitch for marketing industry people to get involved is that the platform offers senior marketers with the opportunity to stay plugged into the industry without the need for commitment to the usual working norms, allowing them to work collectively with other talents, tackle new challenges and access new opportunities while maintaining their freedom.

It is notable that while the desire from talent for greater flexibility around how and when they work has long been on the increase, there is still a dominant view that working in a way other than full time and permanent employment is reflective of a lack of commitment in the workplace. NEON Leaders is hoping to change this perception through the official launch of this senior marketer resource collective. 

For companies, the sell is much more simple, in that the platform allows them to hire talents without a great financial burden or permanent commitment thanks to the flexibility. 

“Now more than ever, experienced leadership is imperative for businesses and brands to reignite growth and employee engagement, yet companies are faced with squeezed budgets, hiring freezes, and the need to re-think their long-term talent strategies. On-demand access to leadership resource offers a fully flexible approach, while also building relationships with a diverse talent pool for future employment opportunities," said Woollford. 

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