Neelofa to settle defamation lawsuit amicably with Oh My Media

Malaysian TV host and social media influencer Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor (pictured) has agreed to settle her lawsuit against the operator of news portal Oh My Media (OMM) amicably, through a mediation process at the High Court Mediation Centre. According to Bernama, the High Court has recorded the consent judgement and the terms of the settlement were not revealed.

OMM had allegedly written defamatory articles on the launch of Neelofa's Be Lofa turban and shawl collection at Zouk, as well as the Women's Icon Award which Neelofa received. This resulted in Neelofa filing the lawsuit last September, claiming that the articles published on 5 March and 11 April "had tarnished her reputation as a celebrity".

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Neelofa also alleged that OMM's articles "by implication or innuendo" claimed she was turned down from receiving an award from the Malaysian government, giving the impression that she was an individual "of no morals and a hypocrite", Bernama stated. The social media influencers also claimed that the articles' contents were untrue and OMM published them without offering her the opportunity to deny the statements made. She has also sued the operator of news portal Rotikaya for publishing similar articles.

Neelofa previously came under the spotlight for launching her hijab collection at Zouk. Netizens voiced their disapproval of her launching something as religious as the hijab, in a night club. Some even said that they lost respect for Neelofa and encouraged others to boycott her brand.

On the other hand, the influencer also won the hearts of consumers when she partnered Starbucks Malaysia for its “MY Cups of Kindness” campaign earlier this year. Neelofa said in an Instagram post that RM0.50 will be donated to a charity close to her heart, with every purchase of Starbucks’ new summer beverages.

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