Marketing Excellence Awards 2014: What are the judges really looking for?

With less than three weeks remaining to enter the Marketing Excellence Awards 2014 we spoke with a selection of the high profile judges to hear what they are expecting from this year’s entries.

The panel shared that they will select winners who show groundbreaking work with high levels of innovation, and creativity that display Singapore as a global leader in marketing.

Here’s what they had to say:

What do you expect from the entries for this year's Awards?

"I’m expecting to be blown away! I’m expecting to see Singapore’s best marketers, agencies and businesses show off the most creative and exciting ways to engage their audiences effectively. I’d like to see Singapore showing that it can out-market anywhere else and I’m really excited to be able to help get the best thinking and execution celebrated and highlighted."


Joachim Holte
Chief marketing officer

"I’m looking forward to targeted and holistic plans that were well thought out and well executed.  And innovative initiatives and cut-through messaging that delivered results beyond expectations, reshaping the business and competitive landscape."


Wendy Lim
Chief executive officer Singapore & managing director, business development & marketing
BNY Mellon Investment Management APAC

"As it is a competition evaluating some of the best creative marketing entries, my expectation is to have my task made extremely difficult due to the sheer talent, producing exceptional work, worthy of recognition. It's a level playing field and all entries will be judged on creativity and what each entrant had to work with and how they exceeded expectations."


Gerry Rezel
Vice-president, communications & loyalty marketing
C.K. TANG Limited

"Creative, cutting-edge and unique campaigns which impact positively on the brand, contribute to the bottom line, and create a new benchmark for the industry. I look forward to judging and discovering the ‘wow’ factor in the entries."


Audrey Mok
General manager & head, corporate communications
Sony Electronics Asia Pacific

"The Marketing Excellence Awards have significant recognition in the marketing industry and I have very high expectations for the submitted work. This year I would like to see how organisations and brands push the limits of social media in order to attract new customers, leveraging multiple channels to engage customers and provide a consistent brand experience. I look forward to seeing the quality of the entries and expect exceptional work of the highest calibre."


Jose Maria Gaztelu San Pio
Managing Director & Country Manager, Singapore, Hong Kong & Malaysia

So what are you waiting for?  It’s time to impress the judges with your cutting-edge marketing plans and get recognised in the industry.  You might even be the next Marketer of the Year!

Submit your entries before the 5 September here.

For all event details please contact Joven Barcenas at or +65 6423 0329.