NEA flushes out (unexpectedly) cool 'Loo Jam' rap about public toilets

Singapore's National Environment Agency (NEA) has launched a rap video titled "Loo Jam", which educates Singaporeans on ways to keep public toilets clean when using them.

Done in collaboration with Tribal Worldwide, the minute-long video features local actress Siti Khalijah, who emphasises on four hygiene steps: flush it, clean it, bin it, dry it. The video was uploaded onto NEA's "Clean and Green" Facebook page, with the caption: "Keeping our public toilets clean helps prevent the spread of diseases such as COVID-19. This bop earworm will show you how with these four easy steps!" The four hygiene steps - flush it, clean it, bin it, dry it - are reiterated throughout the video. 

Additionally, NEA also encouraged Singaporeans to upload their own version of the "Loo Jam" moves on their social media platforms with the hashtag "#loojamchallenge". At the time of writing, the rap video has garnered 4,400 positive reactions, 121 comments, and 779 shares on Facebook with majority of the respondents lauding the ad. Marketing has reached out to NEA for additional information.

nea loo jam ss

NEA works with Tribal for its dengue and Clean and Green-related campaigns, with the public toilets segment falling within the scope of the latter. Separately, the government agency reappointed Metia Group to handle a portion of its social media campaigns for a period of 12 months, with an option to be extended for three more years. This follows a pitch first called in January. The pitching process saw 22 different agencies compete for the social media tender. Metia Group supports NEA's social media strategy and channels, as well as grow its audience and boost engagement across social media channels.

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