A wedding that is out of this world

NDN Group is taking its most aggressive step yet to take one Chinese couple into space to get married.

The record-breaking attempt is slated for Q1 or Q2 of 2015 in collaboration with Virgin Galactic, which will provide a manned spacecraft for at least six passengers.

Andy Ann, founder of NDN Group, told Marketing the initial idea of a space wedding was spawned between himself and Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson.

He added the space wedding is an attempt to promote his wedding magazine Darizi, the media partner for the event. Ann said he plans be one of the passengers onboard the ship when it finally takes off.

The group has also invited local star G.E.M to get onboard to break another record as the first Chinese singer to host a music concert in space.

"G.E.M coming onboard has substantially amped up the viral power of the campaign."

Enrolment to be part of the journey will happen the official site, where the group is targeting 1 million applications.

With primary target of couples from Mainland China, the year-long campaign will see a digital approach spanning online and mobile. Channels from Weibo, WeChat and Facebook will be the focus, in addition to a TV programme on CCTV.