NDN group expands social media reach

With more than 5,000 brands in the system, NDN Group’s new brainchild, Klarity, is the first analytics platform that integrates Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo.

“With the social media industry growing so rapidly, many brands, marketers and advertisers are becoming frustrated because they have no idea of how to monetise social media and realise a return on the marketing dollars spent on social media platforms,” said Andy Ann (pictured), CEO of NDN Group.

A product of 18 months, the programme currently monitors one million data points daily, from sources including Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, to name but a few.

The service is currently launched in Hong Kong, Japan and North America and is underway for China and Taiwan.

Currently, the company is headed up by Christopher Wong, executive director of Social Media Broadcast, a branch under the group alongside Lure, Darizi and Hotmob.

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