National Heritage Board calls PR pitch

The National Heritage Board (NHB) is on the hunt for a PR agency to handle duties for a year with the option to extend annually for another three years. The tender includes three parts, according to the document seen by MARKETING-INTERACTIVE. This includes the provision of PR services for NHB on a retainer contract, and a period contract to offer PR services to other NHB entities, major campaigns or ad-hoc projects. The tender briefing is on 27 July at 3 pm. NHB currently works with Tate Anzur Singapore. 

The agency will be required to increase public awareness of NHB’s role as the custodian of Singapore’s heritage, and thus, increasing “heartshare and mindshare” of NHB’s work. It also has to communicate NHB’s key messages to its target audiences through strategic and effective media relations and pitching. At the same time, the agency will also be required to provide professional PR consultancy and support for designated NHB museums, which include Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall, Indian Heritage Centre, Malay Heritage Centre, and Changi Chapel and Museum, among others.

According to the tender, the appointed agency will also be responsible for PR duties for the Asian Civilisations Museum and the Peranakan Museum on a retainer contract, and a period contract to offer services beyond the former. At the same time, the agency will also offer PR services for the National Museum of Singapore on a retainer contract, and a period contract to offer services beyond the retainer contract.

The contract for all three parts will commence in two phases – mid-October this year for the National Museum of Singapore and 1 November 2021 for National Heritage Board and Asian Civilisations Museum.

In addition to NHB designated museums, the appointed agency will also need to undertake the full spectrum of PR work for other NHB entities and campaigns, including founders’ memorial, development and partnerships, international and museum relations, the Singapore HeritageFest, Patron of Heritage Awards, Children’s Season, and Battle for Singapore. NHB’s strategic communications and digital division will serve as the central liaison point between the appointed agency and NHB’s museums, institutions and divisions, unless otherwise advised.

Alongside these responsibilities, the tender also stated that the agency will be required to plan an annual PR calendar for NHB up to the expiry of the contract. The agency appointed for the retainer contract would also be appointed for a period contract to provide the full spectrum of ad-hoc PR support for campaigns such as the Speak Good English Movement and the Speak Mandarin Campaign.

The KPIs used to assess the agency’s performance include the number and quality of articles, interviews and reviews generated across various earned media; proactively securing media coverage of at least 790 reports across print, broadcast, online and social media worth at least SG$19.8 million in PR value by the end of a 12-month contract; as well as achieving positive publicity outcomes for NHB. At least 80% of the media reports must carry at least one key message for the identified projects, NHB said in the tender.

There is a possibility of more than one agency being chosen as NHB said in the tender that it reserves the right to award to either one tenderer or different tenderers across the three parts. It also has the right to award either all or part of the three parts. If the same agency is awarded for more than one part, NHB requires it to have the capacity to provide a different servicing team for each of the parts, and there should be different servicing teams overseeing different parts. The account lead, however, can be the same person across the three parts, the tender said.

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