Naga DDB Tribal uses logo as ‘canvas for creativity’ in Merdeka-themed contest

In celebration of the upcoming Merdeka Day, employees at Naga DDB Tribal are participating in a Merdeka-themed DDB logo competition, following the roll out of its new visual identity earlier this year and the recent adoption of the logo in Malaysia.

In a statement to A+M, chief operating officer Clarence Koh said the agency’s new visual identity is “a canvas for creativity” that allows for local DDB offices to customise and reflect their work, local geography and clients.

“While the new DDB logo’s graphic device allows for customisation, there are very limited examples of how to apply it at the moment. Hence, we thought it will be a good opportunity for our staff to take a stab at it. And since it’s Merdeka month, it is timely to have a Merdeka-themed DDB logo competition,” he explained. Employees are encouraged to show their love for Malaysia by incorporating their design into the double-D Graphic Device. Koh said that a week into the call for entry, the agency has received designs mainly from its creative team and one entry from its project management team.

Currently, five designs have been shared on its Facebook page with the captions containing the rationale of the designs. Naga DDB Tribal hopes to inspire more participation by sharing the designs on social media, Koh said, and the winning design will be selected at the end of August.

According to Koh, the agency also sees the internal design competition as an employee engagement project. Since the beginning of this year, he said that the management team has committed to a number of initiatives to engage its staff.

“The people are the most important asset for the company and it is important to engage, empower and endorse the terrific talents we have. Some of the programmes that we have kicked off in 2019 include fitness classes, craft workshops, free breakfast and a few more initiatives in the pipeline,” Koh said.

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During this year’s Lunar New year, Naga DDB Tribal also took an interesting approach to celebrate the festive season with the launch of a stock library named “Pigxel”. Pigxel was filled with more than 200 non-offensive, pre-censored pig images to usher in the Lunar New Year. The censorship-friendly “pigture perfect JPigs and Mpigs” hope to provide the zodiac the limelight it deserves.

The agency even created a video to showcase the “transformation” of a pig into Pigxel. In the film, a cute pig is seen sobbing over the fact that for 11 years, she watched her friends bask in the limelight while she is unable to “shake it like I just don’t care”.

(Photo courtesy: Naga DDB Tribal Facebook)

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