MyCafe's Durian White Coffee product will not be pulled off shelves

The instant durian white coffee that has reportedly caused at least five people to fall ill will not be taken off the shelves. The instant coffee in question, is Coffee Tree's MyCafe "4-in-1 Penang Durian White Coffee.

According to Malaysia health minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam, "there is no evidence to suggest contamination at the main production line." That's according to report by The Star, which said the health minister told reporters at the sideline of an unrelated press conference on 4 February 2018 (Sunday), that apart from the samples of the "tampered" coffee sachets which police said contained substances believed to be drugs, there was no evidence to put the blame on the producers of the coffee product, for now.

He also cautioned the public to be careful while the investigation is still ongoing, adding "until we have stronger evidence to incriminate the producers, we do not have any immediate intention to withdraw it from the shelves in stores." He said the ministry had paid a visit to the factory and found no evidence of drugs after conducting tests on its products.

Meanwhile, MyCafe has come out to defend its product (on 1 and 2 February) on its Facebook page. In the post, it reiterated that the beverage complied with health and food safety requirements, adding that the coffee packaging taken from one of the victims was tampered with, and heavier than usual. Coffee Tree has since filed a police report.

Over in neighboring Singapore, the instant durian coffee has been taken off the shelves, after the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) on 3 February instructed a recall action, "as a precautionary measure."

In its official Facebook post, AVA's spokesperson said, "Arising from reports of consumers in Malaysia being hospitalised after drinking the instant coffee, it has followed up with its counterparts in Malaysia to request for facts of the case." AVA will be taking samples for food safety tests. Meanwhile, consumers who have purchased the product can return them to the retailer.

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