Munchy’s hits ‘Frontpage’

Malaysia’s well-known food manufacturer The Munchy’s Group, with the help of Omnicom Media Group (OMG), will roll out a new TV serial called “Frontpage”, which will  air next week.

“Frontpage”, the result of a partnership between ntv7, The Star newspaper and entertainment distributor Juita Viden,  is inspired by stories that made headlines in the past 37 years – from national calamities to public scandals.

“‘Frontpage’ is an all-Malaysian show, featuring an all-Malaysian cast. Predominantly in English and Malay, parts of certain episodes include dialogue in Cantonese, Hokkien and Tamil. It has a solid storyline with unique plots every week, something we know our viewers will enjoy,” Dato’ Anthony Bujang, CEO of ntv7 said.

OMG has helped in areas like strategic product placement, promos, trailers, microsite ( and print article content development.

“It was beyond usual sponsorship involvement, but rather finding an edgy aspect to portray Munchy’s involvement and offer to society as a true and mature responsible citizen. At OMD and PHD, we are constantly in search to identify and leverage these platforms that are relevant, strategic and fuel active engagement with consumers,” Andreas Vogiatzakis, MD of OMG Malaysia said.

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