MTR showcases social inclusion in latest campaign

MTR has launched a campaign featuring real life stories in a total of three videos, hoping to disseminate the message of the company's commitment to establishing a harmonious and inclusive culture.

The campaign “Our Journey towards Social Inclusion” features three stories of different passengers taking MTR as well as their inspiring life stories. Created to raise awareness of MTR’s effort in driving social inclusion through supporting passengers with special needs and demonstrating that MTR is listening and responding to the needs of different passengers, the campaign covers multiple touchpoints such as TV (ViuTV, TVB News, Now TV, Hong Kong Open TV and Cable TV), MTR social media platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, website and mobile), a variety of media Facebook pages (including Sky Post, TOPick, and 24parent), and in-station publicity. 

The first video tells the story of an old man who has been enjoying the Government Public Transport Fare Concession Scheme for the Elderly and Eligible Persons with Disabilities (the $2 Scheme). The man is a musician and has been using MTR to travel to various places in the city to perform. While meeting his friend at a station, the man also introduces some in-station facilities helping the elderly enjoy a more convenient journey. 

The second video features a father who studies post-natal care despite his classmates making fun of him. Taking care of a baby during a journey could be a challenge, but this video showcases the convenience offered by babycare rooms and breastfeeding areas across different stations. 

The last video is about a visually impaired passenger and her guide dog. This video demonstrates how MTR facilitates the journey of visually impaired passengers and their guide dogs through barrier-free facilities and services. 

"We stand by unity and acceptance and are invested in fostering that culture for all. Moved by our passengers' many stories from all walks of life, we identified their unique needs and invested in how we could support them," said Karen Woo, general manager - branding and marketing, MTR Corporation.

Multiple NGOs have also featured the videos on their Facebook pages, including Gingko House, the Hong Kong Guide Dogs Association and The Hong Kong Society for the Blind.

"MTR imagined a campaign that celebrates the individuals who make up the rich diversity of Hong Kong, and we knew sharing these narratives with the broader community would motivate and inspire," said Gary Wong, general manager of OMD Hong Kong.

According to MTR, the campaign exceeded the estimated video views by 50%, with over 9.5 million views collectively. OMD, media agency of MTR, aims to leverage high performing channels for this campaign to achieve a reach of over 80%. Relevant channel selection and authentic content have generated engagement rates of 0.2% with 99.9% positive reactions.