MTR Malls to feature Garfield and Panda-a-Panda crossover for famous cat's 40th birthday

To mark the milestone of Garfield’s 40th birthday, five MTR Malls - Maritime Square, Luk Yeung Galleria, Ocean Walk, Sun Tuen Mun Shopping Centre and Hanford Plaza - are getting ready to celebrate with this world-famous comic strip. To commemorate this special occasion, Maritime Square invited Siu Hak (Chang Tze-hin), the local top-class multimedia illustrator, to join the celebration together with his famous creation Panda-a-Panda. From now until 2 September, Maritime Square will present “Meeting Garfield & Panda-a-Panda at Maritime Square for an Enjoyable Summer” featuring the crossover of Garfield and Panda-a-Panda in enlarged scale to "showcase their laid-back living attitude".

The press release said that Garfield is not only the idol of Siu Hak, but Garfield also inspired Siu Hak in the creation of Panda-a-Panda. Curated by Siu Hak, “Meeting Garfield & Panda-a-Panda at Maritime Square for an Enjoyable Summer” presents 7 attractions using gigantic home scenes for fans to take photos, including a 4-meter tall Panda-a-Panda sofa, gleaming cake for Garfield's 40th birthday, a huge fridge with Odie knocking over popcorn, a time tunnel of sleeping beds showing Garfield’s evolving looks over the years, Garfield’s cloakroom, animation-making corner and game zone.

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The promotion will also include various unique displays, such as a display of Garfield eating a giant burger at Luk Yeung Galleria in Tsuen Wan to reflect the mall's foodie reputation, and various discounts, loyalty programmes and giveaways - including unique “Garfield x Panda-a-Panda Model Dolls” limited to 50 pieces in a grand lucky draw. The comic icons will also show up for a meet and greet, alongside other themed events at the various malls.