MSN drives engagement through photos

In line with its new Postbox, a picture-driven platform, MSN Malaysia has created a campaign on food and photography, teaming up with online food delivery company Food Panda.

Postbox collects and displays user photos, videos and user-generated-content (UGC) in a scrolling photo gallery that allows navigation, sharing and interaction.

“Images on Postbox are segregated according to different categories which are curated by the MSN editorial team, but these categories can also be customised to client campaigns, which we did with Food Panda,” said Jeremy Neyman, business director of Catcha Digital.

In celebration of the Merdeka and Malaysia Day celebrations and its I HEART Malaysia site last month, MSN and Food Panda created a contest that invited users to post their favourite Malaysian-themed photo onto Postbox to win Food Panda food vouchers worth RM3,000.

With regard to the I HEART Malaysia campaign, Reta Lee, head of editorial, Catcha Digital said, “We knew that our users would respond to a contest that is relevant and close to their hearts and what better way to do so than by creating a contest made up of their own photos depicting the food, sights, elements and emotions of Malaysia.”

For Food Panda, the contest was a way to promote to an urban, digital-savvy audience who enjoys sharing their experiences online.

Food Panda’s marketing director Sidney Ng said, “It fits in very well with our target demographics of online denizens looking for hassle-free meals served at their doorstep. A large selection of photos uploaded was food related, which proved to be interesting as we have a diverse selection of food here in Malaysia.”

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