MSLGROUP launches influence-to-impact platform

MSLGROUP, in conjunction with Publicis Communications and Publicis Media, has launched an influence-to-impact performance platform "Conversation2Commerce" to deliver what it calls the "true potential" of influence in marketing and reputation.

Headed by MSLGROUP’s chief influence strategist, Erin Lanuti, the new global solution provides services in influence identification, content and idea creation, targeting, amplification and measurement.

Guillaume Herbette, global CEO of MSLGROUP said, "Under Erin’s leadership, we’ve put together an integrated cross-discipline solution that breaks down the traditional barriers that have held influence back from its rightful place at the heart of marketing and strategic communications."

"This global initiative has the potential to redefine how influence is used in marketing and communications. It already has driven great results for our clients around the world and we expect significant growth for the C2C business going forward."