MSIG Malaysia celebrates the Raya season with 'Anyaman Kasih'

MSIG Malaysia's new Raya video titled "Anyaman Kasih" (weave of love), is inspired by a true story and based on a Malay poem.  The story of the video follows the traditional preparation of the Hari Raya delicacy "Ketupat Palas". This is accompanied by the narration of a Malay poem specially composed to recount the hard work, care and love that goes into its creation.

Y&R Malaysia and Wavemaker Malaysia were involved in the production of the video, which will run on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

While most people are familiar with the final product, many are unaware of the amount of work and difficulty that is involved in the harvesting of the daun palas (leaves) and preparing (weaving) the final special Raya delicacy. The film features actual villagers from Kampung Parit Dua in Tanjung Karang, Selangor as its actors.

According to Chua Seck Guan, CEO, MSIG Malaysia, the video highlights the effort and love of those who have come before the current generation.

"Previous generations have sacrificed a lot and we believe this video helps remind people of this and encourages them to appreciate and value those who contribute to our lives, even beyond their own family. We understand that our customers have their heart in everything they do and this video is reflective of that,” Chua said. He also hopes that this video contributes to inspiring even more love between the generations during this festive season.

Watch the spot here: