Permanis Sandi­lands reveals Mountain Dew's new revamped look

Beverage manufacturer Permanis Sandi­lands has unveiled a revamped Mountain Dew packaging.

Placed in a neon bottle, the new look is set to captures eyeballs through the fluorescent shade of green. Along with the new look, the brand is also launching a marketing campaign. The Mountain Dew team is roaming around the streets of KL in a neon green Hummer to introduce the new packaging.

Also, the brand partnered up with The Star where readers of the publication were greeted with splashes of green throughout the newspaper in conjunction with the brand’s bottle revamp. The campaign will also see Mountain Dew “surprises” in the newspaper each day. This will be tied in with contest promotions as well.

In a statement to The Star, Permanis Sandilands vice president of business development and marketing, Hemalatha Ragavan said that the company wanted to go back to its core flavor with this new look.

“The original citrus flavour for Mountain Dew is one of a kind and this flavour cannot be matched by other competitors. For that, Mountain Dew wants to remind the market of its uniqueness with the launch of this new bottle,” Ragavan told the publication.