Moove Media partners StarHub to launch analytics solution for clients

Moove Media has partnered StarHub to launch an OOH commuter analytics and insights solution for advertisers. Called MOOVIN’, the solution taps on data science, artificial intelligence and learning algorithms powered by StarHub’s big data analytics.

The analytics solution models on commuter insights to better understand commuters through demographics, which identifies where they had come from and how long they would stay at a point of interest. It incorporates data sources as current as half a year, which increases data accuracy. MOOVIN' also comes with a crowd analysis tool that provides up-to-date information about commuters’ travel patterns and behaviour including how they transit from one transport mode to another at different times of the day.

In addition, the solution comes with a recommendation engine that tailors information for advertisers so that their advertising campaigns are able to strategically reach consumers across different transportation platforms. Jayne Kwek, CEO of Moove Media, said that with MOOVIN', the team is able to utilise StarHub's Big Data to generate valuable insights into commuter patterns and behaviour that are constantly changing.

"The future of digital OOH has so much potential and unrecognised opportunities. This allows us to leapfrog the way OOH gains commuter insights that would aid our advertisers in formulating more succinct messages for the right audience at the right time," she added.

Chong Yoke Sin, chief, enterprise business group, StarHub, said that StarHub is in a good position to accelerate digitalisation for its customers as digital technology is revolutionising the way enterprises conduct business.

“We are pleased that Moove Media, having recognised the business value of insights-based intelligence, selected StarHub to digitalise the process of collecting and analysing location-based audience metrics for its out-of-home assets. Customised in-house by StarHub’s dedicated team of data scientists and powered by our big data, the on-demand intelligence solution empowers Moove Media to help clients deliver the right messages to the right people at the right time, driving business successes," she added.