Moove Media lights up buses for Christmas

It is not just Christmas decorations that are lighting up the streets of Singapore this festive season, Moove Media's bling buses are doing it too.

The latest advertiser to jump on to this bus is Watsons, which aims to position its stores as "The destination for Christmas shopping”. The advertisement is currently running on five buses, which ply island wide. It is decked in pink and is complete with the LED lights.

The bus features LED lights that line up on both sides of the bus, increasing the visibility of bus advertisements at night and even during rainy days. This design, which is made exclusively for SBS Transit buses, is fast becoming popular.

Jayne Kwek, CEO of Moove Media, said: "The idea behind Moove Bling Bus was to ensure bus ads can be clearly seen at night. The LED lights have helped achieved that."