Moov rebrands as a music scavenger

The online free-streaming music market has been everything but quiet: with global competitors like Spotify, Grooveshark, Soundcloud, 8tracks, YouTube, Apple’s iTunes Radio and Pandora (which have all been looming in the top 50 in various iTunes Stores), it’s no wonder local player, Moov, feels threatened.

Earlier this month, the PCCW-owned service of eight years launched a branding campaign – dubbed Moov – Stand by Music – that sees a few indie bands strutting to the same tune while a few celebrities cheer for them on the sidelines.

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So unlike its prior functional campaigns, co-founder and director of The Bread Digital Eddie Ngan (the creative agency in charge of the campaign) said the thematic campaign serves to emphasise Moov’s market position by making the link between music and local culture.

“We want the audience to see that music is very much a big part of our culture, which is best shown by the local indie bands whose passion is often neglected by the public,” he said, though he added that the music service doesn't currently provide a hub for indie bands.

“In these few years, Moov has been relatively quiet in terms of advertising and has been mainly focusing on technical promotions like our HD music or HD music videos on the smart phone and computer: but now, we want to reinstate our strength in offering local Hong Kong music.”

However, Ngan said that his and Moov’s biggest challenge isn’t competitors – who they believe don’t offer as much Chinese music as they do; rather, it’s conveying an intangible service as a concrete brand.

“Yes, we’re selling music; but it’s not an actual physical product, which is why the cultural link is so important in this push,” he said. “The consumer insight is the trend to go back to the pure appreciation of music."

The campaign was put in out-of-home TVs, television, Facebook and YouTube.