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MOOV cooks up strategy to encourage users

MOOV continues its aggressive marketing efforts with a mobile “lyric toast van” (MOOV音樂麵包車) offering up toast printed with lyrics as morning cheer-ups to passers-by.

The food truck event, developed by Secret Tour Hong Kong, has seen a set of three inspirational lyrics burned into toast that is made with three types of unusual flavours, including Yuanyang (鴛鴦, coffee with tea), grapefruit and taro. Passers-by can redeem one of them by downloading the MOOV app with a one month free trial.

The MOOV-themed mobile van will only circulate around some busy districts in Hong Kong during morning and lunch hours.

Helen Sou, the new media senior vice-president at MOOV, said the experiential event was a move to showcase its engagement with consumers’ daily lives.

“Work is a significant part in everyone’s life so we want to reveal our support for them. Apart from providing music, we also give them a piece of bread with our lyric to cheer them up to work,” she told Marketing.

“Among music lovers in Hong Kong, there is a strong rapport with the lyrics from popular Canton-pops. And lyrics are often a tool for people to share their feelings with loved ones.”

This is evident in its summer promotional campaign “Share a Coke, Share a Song”, in partnership with Coca-Cola.

It first started in Australia in 2012. The concept arrived in Hong Kong this summer, with an all-around ad push spanning television, outdoor, print and digital, and was developed by McCann Hong Kong.

Running until the beginning of October, the campaign has seen a set of 72 lines of popular local songs printed onto special edition Coca-Cola bottles and cans, themed under “love”, “friendship”, “family” and “encouragement”.

Coke x moov advertising

Users can listen to the songs and unlock one-month free trials by scanning the QR code or visiting the URL printed on the Coca-Cola pack.

The crossover between the two companies resonates with the growing trend of cross-industry and cross-platform collaboration between brands. The two seemingly unrelated products, music and drinks, are in fact both regular items that are consumed on a daily basis.

By joining forces, the campaign is aiming at a wider reach of target customers, and an enhanced marketing impact as a result.

“Coca-Cola is one of the most recognised brands and we share the same belief that the magical power of music can bring the world together,” Sou said.

“Music is regarded as a universal connector for all human beings, often with an emotional association. A song, or even just a lyric, can conjure up memories from the past. This collaboration is a perfect means to connect the MOOV brand to consumers emotionally.”

As part of the partnership, Coca-Cola has leveraged MOOV’s network to reach out to music enthusiasts, while MOOV has ridden on Coca-Cola’s massive customer base to provide wider access to the music platform.

“It’s a win-win situation. We’ve seen a significant rise of traffic to our platform during the campaign period. Via the campaign we can also influence those who don’t care about music to start embracing it; that’s the icing on the cake.”

To grab a bigger market share, MOOV has been betting big on advertising in recent years. But apart from ad pushes, what’s more important is co-branding opportunities, she said.

Last year, it teamed up with Samsung for a street event with Kary Ng’s (吳雨霏) live singing performance and a product demonstration in Mong Kok. They took part in a video production for viral content to sustain awareness after the event.

MOOV X Samsung

More recently, MOOV lined up with Sony for a workshop to enhance the brand essence of Sony hi-res audio, which included a product demonstration and pre-and-post promotion on social media platforms, including an interview video on YouTube.

It follows with a silent concert with csl.

“MOOV has been constantly evolving and deepening audience engagement by tapping into the daily lives of our customers. We will continue to look for fun and engaging ways to share music through MOOV,” she added.

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