Money woes be gone with Dr Wang

When it comes to managing your money, Bank Negara seems to know best.

The banking institute has collaborated with Suria FM and 988 to present Dr. Wang Solves your Money Woes, an hour-long financial advice program that started airing 23rd September 2013.

The program features one financial expert from Bang Negara every week on Suria FM and 988 for three months. Targeted at working adults, the program is scheduled to run during the breakfast shows of the respective stations.

Suria FM listeners can tune in on Tuesdays 8am to 9am during the breakfast show to ask En Mohd Nasir Bin Mustafa (pictured centre) their financial questions, while 988 listeners get their turn with Mr Desmond Chong (pictured right) on Thursday 8am-9am.

A Bank Negara representative told A+M that this is an initiative to create awareness in the general public on the importance of prudent financial management.

"Malaysians need to be empowered with insights into financial matters and also to understand the consequences of the financial choices they make."

Promotions have started online on the stations’ website, Twitter, Facebook and via podcast, on ground and via broadcast through an on-air contest where the first caller through with the correct answer wins RM200.