Mondelez turns focus on digital marketing

Mondelez International is set to push more than half of its global media budget to digital by 2016. The FMCG conglomerate, which owns brands such as Cadbury Dairy Milk, Oreo, Trident, Halls, Jacob’s and Tang, will be looking to digital to drive higher ROI for its campaigns.

Bonin Bough, VP global media & consumer engagement, digital & consumer Engagement told Marketing: “From a global perspective, we are planning to shift more of our spending to digital, as it is typically lower cost than traditional media but gets higher returns.”

Amongst the company’s top 25 markets, the US and China are the two countries making the biggest shifts to digital. In 2013, digital represented 13% of its global media budgets and this will be increased to 18% in 2014, Bough added.

Mondelez has been executing several strong campaigns in the digital space in the past year.

For example, it has been aggressive on Twitter, inking a deal with the network for real-time marketing solutions, with some of its moves garnering its brands good mention on social media.

For instance, during the Superbowl last year, while there was a power outage for a few minutes, Twitter was ablaze with people tweeting about the power outage. Oreo took advantage of this to tweet a post: “Power out? No problem, you can still dunk in the dark.”

In another instance, Cadbury created a flopped proposal as a guerrilla marketing stunt that went viral, for its Bourneville range.

It also made major digital agency appointments in Asia, appointing Dentsu Mobius as its digital and social media agency across all its brands in Southeast Asia, including Hong Kong and Taiwan. The appointment is understood to be a multi-million dollar account.

Mark Clouse EVP and president North America, Mondelez told AdAge that Oreo had since grown double digits two years in a row, generating over a billion in revenue in North America last year, providing that digital did indeed drive sales for the company.