Enough with useless marketing jargon

Have you been guilty of using too many ad jargon in your meetings?

Long a gripe of the industry, one agency has come up with cheeky notebooks to take a jibe at the marketing profession’s love of advertising jargon.

Here’s five of the top few we found in social media shop Goodstuph’s Adverjargon notebooks. Hands up if you’re guilty of overuse –  we know we are.

360 degree campaign:

This is an advertising classic. Marketers have constantly used this term to describe their campaigns. We understand that you mean that your campaign is holistic and it covers majority of the mediums, but honestly, when you say a 360 degree campaign, doesn’t that just mean you have gone one big round and come back to where you started?

We’re customer-focused:

Isn’t every business customer focused? Be it B2B or B2C, what exactly would you focus on if not your consumers? The age old saying “The customer is always right” ideally means, you are customer focused and will continue to be so.

Data Driven:

Data Driven and Big Data have been used and reused in every conference, meeting, email, infographic, seminar, presentation, article, webinar we can think of. All I can say is if we hear once more the term “data-driven” we will simply be driven off the roof.

Paradigm Shift:

The term “Paradigm Shift” was coined by T.S. Kuhn, a US philosopher of science and is described as a radical change in underlying beliefs or theory. The term refers to a change of view that happens because of several agents of change driving it. However, just to make it clear, this doesn’t happen over night or just by repeating it to your agency during a meeting.


Retail marketers, you know you are guilty of this. With the rise of e-commerce, retail marketers are no doubt feeling a little threatened with their retail space being simply used as fitting rooms and consumers ultimately purchasing goods online. Over time, we have used the word so much that internally on the Marketing team we had a debate as to whether it was actually a word. But hey, if “Selfie” can be accepted as an actual word this year, I don’t see why this Showrooming can’t.

According to the creators of this mischievous notepad, social media agency Goodstuph, these notebooks have been inspired by the excruciating meetings that run for long hours with advertising jargon fired off every second.

“We’ve staged a wager with our clients on this actually. Should we be caught using too many buzzwords in future meetings, we will have to buy them dinner,” Pat Law, MD of Goodstuph said adding that she and her agency too were guilty of using these buzzwords.

Check out the hilarious notebooks here:

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