Moët & Chandon appoints Fan Bing Bing as its brand ambassador

Moët & Chandon has announced the appointment of Fan Bing Bing as its brand ambassador.

The champagne brand has selected the internal film star and lifestyle advocate to compliment its spirit of boldness, elegance and generosity.

In Fan’s role, she will be tasked to take centre stage in the house advertising campaign and, for the first time ever, be the Asian muse for the brand.

Stephane Beschiera, president and CEO of Moët & Chandon said: “This marks the first time that we have selected a Chinese brand ambassador for the house.”

Fan herself shares what an honour it is to be the first Chinese Moët & Chandon brand ambassador, saying that she’s proud to “represent this glamorous tradition, bringing Moët & Chandon even closer to China and other Asian markets.”