MMHA raises awareness on mental health with 6-week campaign

The Malaysian Mental Health Association (MMHA) has partnered with Astro, Universal McCann and Ensemble Worldwide to launch a six-week campaign for its upcoming Mind Run and Carnival.

It aims to raise awareness on mental health issues, and through the 2018 Mind Run and Carnival, bring forth conversations around this sensitive topic. The messaging focuses on day-to-day challenges that most Malaysians face such as excessive work stress, relationship issues and “feeling moody” to make the scenarios more relatable.

The campaign is utilising electronic programming guide advertisement, radio spots, TV capsules and interviews with specialists to make mental health conversations more mainstream. The project started as one of the initiatives under UM Impact Day.

Jen Cheong, executive secretary of MMHA said UM and Astro came in with an open mind, understood the issues at hand being faced by MMHA and the community at large, and dedicated the necessary resources towards bringing it all to fruition for the 2018 Mind Run & Carnival. “This campaign certainly would not have taken off without their support,” Cheong added.

Amit Sutha, managing director of UM and Ensemble Worldwide, added, “Using our expertise and know-how, the team crafted messages that would pique interest and encourage Malaysians to tune in with regards to this very real issue we are facing. The initiative really epitomises the ethos of UM Impact Day – to create something impactful that creates a better world.”

Meanwhile, ECD of Ensemble Worldwide Chan Woei Hern said mental health is still a taboo topic among Malaysians. “By commemorating celebrities who lost their lives from mental health issues, and highlighting its prevalence, we aim to educate the public to differentiate the myths from facts, and encourage them to open up to their mental health, gain tips to self-diagnose and seek crucial early intervention,” he said.

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