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Mitsubishi Electric’s content platform offers a human touch

One constant battle for brands today is finding the right voice (and tone) for speaking to customers in a more natural way, particularly on social media. Mitsubishi Electric (三菱電機) is adopting a new strategy to speak to its audience in a more “human way”, using Facebook as the primary platform.

Working with Dentsu Hong Kong, the page named 惠家仁 (which sounds like “care for the family” In Cantonese), launched late January and will last a year, adapts a content-driven approach to subtly introduce Mitsubishi Electric’s new electronic home appliance line via engaging topics related to lifestyle, food and travel.

The platform is promoted by a video published this week which blends the new home appliances with emotional storytelling.

“All key competitors in the market are promoting their home appliance products in similar functional way and people feel low interest to look into functions and looks of home appliance products. So to differentiate our brand in the market and build up an emotional bonding with our consumer, we launched a new campaign by an emotional direction – Mitsubishi Electric brings you a warm and comfortable home,” Moses Chang, general manager of living environment and digital media equipment division at Mitsubishi Electric Hong Kong, told Marketing.

“In each family, there is always someone who is devoted to their beloved ones. Through our campaign, we want to show their unconditional love to gain the empathy of our target and also to convey the message that our Home Appliance products are always as thoughtful as you in taking care of your family members,” said Chang.

The branding initiative is supported by a 30-second TV commercial, outdoor and print executions.

Client: Mitsubishi Electric Hong Kong
Creative: Dentsu Hong Kong
Media: Media Palette Hong Kong

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