Mirum launches WeChat integration with Adobe Campaign

Mirum Singapore, an Adobe global premier partner, and Mirum China (formerly 3Ti) announced the launch of WeChat integration with Adobe Campaign where brands can utilise WeChat in China to engage Chinese consumers orchestrated through Adobe Campaign.

The integration gives marketers the capability to launch marketing campaigns in China through WeChat directly from Adobe Campaign.

Mirum said in a press release, the integration with the Adobe Campaign and WeChat enables marketers to:

- Conduct real-time personalised marketing campaigns
- Leverage customer information from WeChat to create personalised marketing programmes in Mandarin
- Additional channel added to the list of communication channels offered by Adobe Campaign
- WeChat communication with recipients will be aligned with all other communication channels
- Target recipients based on their preferred communication channel
- Offer notifications and more

“These unique set of features underscores our commitment to an innovation-driven approach to software development and more importantly to meet the demands of empowered customers for seamless, personalised experience in China,” said Rueben Anthony, regional managing director, Mirum Singapore.

“Adobe Campaign customers can now benefit from our successful experiences to build loyalty through engaging contextual experiences that their consumers care about and will share with their friends,” said Andrew Tong, Mirum China CEO.