Ministry of Social and Family Development looks for PR agency

Singapore government agency the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) is looking to appoint a public relations agency for its Families for Life (FFL) council.

According to a brief seen by Marketing, FFL is looking for an agency to provide integrated public relations services that can strengthen the brand awareness of FFL on multiple platforms and bring its messaging to its target audience.

The appointed agency will be contracted for a period of one year, with an option for a further one-year extension.

The agency will be tasked to strengthen MSF’s Families for Life profile, as well as provide media relations and strategic engagement with the target audience. For example, the agency is expected to define and develop a strategy that can connect FFL brand members of public (i.e. families) and the media. The agency should be able to propose an overall strategic plan to drive the positioning of FFL as a “credible independent voice for the people in matters relating to families.”

The agency is also expected to generate positive media stories for FFL across various media platforms, and to achieve a PR value of at least SG$8 million over a period of one year, the brief stated.

The objective of FFL is to encourage inter-generational families and extended families to spend more time together, build strong relationships and tap on each other’s support to care for the young and old.