Ministry of National Development hunts for marketing agency to handle OneService App

The Ministry of National Development (MND) is on the hunt for an agency to manage its one-year marketing campaign for its OneService App. The app is one of the channels under the Municipal Services Office (MSO) of the Ministry of National Development.

According to the tender document from Gebiz seen by Marketing, the marketing campaign encompasses advertising, direct marketing, digital and social media, on-ground activation, events, partnerships, through-the-line collateral support and other related services.

MSO said in the tender that it sees the need for a marketing campaign to promote the OneService App by building awareness of it and encouraging citizens to download and use the app. Launched in 25 January 2015, the app offers a convenient way for members of the public to report their feedback on municipal issues without having to find out which government agency is responsible for it.

The RFP has two parts - marketing of the OneService App and research. On the marketing front, the appointed agency is expected to conceptualise, plan and implement an integrated marketing and communications through-the-line campaign. The campaign will run tentatively from September 2020 to August 2021. A key message of the campaign is to assure the public that the OneService App is their one-stop solution to solving municipal issues when the public is unable to resolve them on their own and agencies' intervention is required.

Meanwhile, the agency will also be involved in creating ads and publicity to push the public to download and register the OneService App, as well as recommend ways to encourage residents to use the app in lieu of other communication channels. These include phone calls and emails. Additionally, the agency is also expected to track effectiveness of the measures, listen to responses and misconceptions that need to be clarified and address them if any.

According to the tender, the campaign aims to achieve at least 90,000 downloads by the end of 2020. The target audience for the campaign comprises professionals, managers, executives and technicians; HDB residents; motorists; youths; interest groups and public servants.

In addition to the campaign, the appointed agency will also manage OneService Community's Facebook and Instagram pages to give the public more resident-centric information about their neighbourhoods and living environments. The pages are also communicative platforms to manage public expectations and publicise municipal matters when necessary. The tender added that this aspect also includes administering all related services, such as contests, media buys and manage OOH or event publicity, as well as all related logistics.

On the research front, the agency needs to look at analytics to identify any gaps in the publicity campaign and recommend corrective measures. Research also needs to be conducted to glean further insights on the target audiences, eg. researching on the profiles of residents for below-the-line communications.

Research will include focus group discussions, interviews, surveys, online scans and/or any other appropriate research methodology conducted at suitable points before, during and after the campaign. Campaign prototype and testing of creatives should also be carried out on a sample group of the target audience, as part of the research process to ensure that the campaign meets its needs and objectives.

Once the campaign reaches the public, the agency will devise and implement post-campaign indicators to measure the effectiveness of the campaign efforts and to recommend changes to the campaign along the course of the project, if necessary.

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