MINI offers free rides to drivers of towed cars

MINI’s brand activation campaign,“MINI We Tow You Drive” programme, sees the brand taking a test drive out of the showroom and onto the streets.

The brand partnered with a tow service company to help drivers whose cars (of all brands) had broken down. The programme responded to breakdown calls in real time, with a MINI dispatched together with the tow truck.

While their cars were being towed away, the drivers were offered a free ride in the form of a MINI, and drive it to their next destination.

“From experience we know that the exhilaration of driving a MINI, its sharp handling and zippiness, really wins people over. In fact, our statistics show that consumers who test-drive a MINI are significantly more likely to consider buying one,” Sunny Medalla, head of MINI Asia, said.

The programme was launched to help the brand align with its recent findings.

With the MINI We Tow You Drive campaign, it was a service rendered to drivers at an opportune timing, winning their appreciation and creating goodwill. Medalla added,"And at the same time, we effectively widened the reach of our test drive opportunities.”