MINI flashes light, saves lives

To combat the dangers of excessive speeding, MINI Malaysia has launched an initiative aimed at speeding drivers on Malaysian highways, and get them to keep to the speed limit.

The campaign was conceptualised by Saatchi & Saatchi Malaysia and is based on how members of the older generation used to alert drivers on the other side of the road about police roadblocks by flashing their headlights at them.

MINI created its own team of safety drivers to help curb the problem. The drivers were dispatched to some of the most dangerous stretches on Malaysian highways, slowing down vehicles immediately when they saw the signals from MINI’s safety drivers.

To Sathi Anand, executive creative director of Saatchi & Saatchi Malaysia, there was a desperate need to change the way MINI reached out to drivers. Through this campaign, the agency hoped to make an immediate and attention grabbing impact.

Check out the video of the campaign here: