Mindshare appoints CEO of the ASEAN region

Mindshare, the global media agency network part of GroupM and WPP, has appointed Himanshu Shekhar (pictured) as CEO ASEAN.

Shekhar has led the Mindshare team in Indonesia since 2012. In his new role, Shekhar will continue to be based in Jakarta as CEO Indonesia but will also lead, transfer best practice and bring new services to all ASEAN offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines. In addition, he will also launch Mindshare’s operations in the new markets of Myanmar and Cambodia.

The company said in a press statement that the move comes as the agency recognises the increasing need for marketers to tap into the growing consumption potential in the ASEAN region, especially Myanmar and Cambodia. Hence Mindshare has consolidated resources to provide “customised marketing communication solutions for marketers in the ASEAN region.” By appointing Shekhar as CEO, ASEAN, Mindshare aims to provide greater momentum and focus to scaling up services.

Gowthaman Ragothaman, COO of Mindshare Asia Pacific said the ASEAN landscape is unique with a rich diversity of culture, however there remains the underlying similarity in challenges faced by marketers today.

“As an economic region, it is poised to embark on greater economic integration in 2015, and by leveraging our partnerships with Newton Circus, Out There Media and Geometry Global, we can provide solutions to engage with the emerging class consumers with real scale, and help our client’s grow their brands,” Ragothaman said.

Ashutosh Srivastava, chairman & CEO for Asia Pacific, and global growth markets, Mindshare Worldwide added: “While Mindshare is already the largest agency in every major country in ASEAN, the potential to expand is still vast, especially with Myanmar and Cambodia remaining untapped.”

He added that the widespread adoption of mobile and the creation of emerging class consumer marketing unit, in collaboration with Geometry Global, has opened up highly effective new channels for mass customised communication. These then “allow marketers to reach people living in rural and semi urban areas on scale, and unlock a much bigger growth opportunity for brands.”

Mindshare has also continuously built its capabilities over the last few years, specifically targeting this region through the partnerships with industry leading startups in Big Data, Mobile Marketing and Content Marketing, and the Emerging Class Consumer activation unit to deliver customized solutions.

Shekhar’s role is effective immediately.

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