Mill Stirling dives into digital

Singapore-based creative agency Mill Stirling has expanded its digital foot-print with web content management firm C3 Interactive to form C3MS Interactive group.

However, Mill Stirling and C3 Interactive will continue to operate as individual business units and with their own set of clients.

The joint venture now allows for the agency to provide integrated digital solutions to its clients. A key component of the business model for the newly formed C3MS interactive group is the concept of ‘marrying offline and online' social spaces.

C3 interactive which has offices in China and the Philippines, will handle web infrastructure builds, platform creation, mobile app development and social CRM.

C3MS Interactive group has also created recently launched a platform that integrates the various networks such as Weibo, Facebook, Kaixin, Renren and QQ together to decorate your personal online Christmas tree with friend comments and emoticons.

"The vision behind C3MS interactive group is to help our clients rejuvenate their brands amongst the hearts of people today by building interactive platforms that will win them ‘social currency'," Daniel Wee , founder and creative partner, Mill Stirling, part of the C3MS interactive group said.

The combine client list for the agency includes PUMA, L'Oreal Paris, Maybelline NY, Garnier, Unilever, HTC Asia, Blackberry RIM, Microsoft, Watsons, Philips, H&M and Manulife Insurance.