Mighty brings two new premium cigarettes brands

Mighty Corp., the second largest tobacco company in the Philippines, has launched two new premium cigarette brands in a bid to reach into all segments of the market.

Called King and Chelsea, the two brands boast the finest tobacco grades and comes in Full Flavor king size, Lights king size and Menthol 100s, forming a total of six different variants.

“Both brands are premium in terms of smoke character. But from the packaging and cigarette design, King is more traditional while Chelsea radiates unconventionality,” Oscar Barrientos, executive vice president of Mighty, said

He adds that the new brands will be categorized in the highest tax bracket for cigarettes.

“Our decision to expand our product lines is just part of our vision to become a major player in the market and show what a Filipino company can do,” he said.

The company is the oldest Filipino-owned tabacco brand, started in 1945 with a small factory in Manila producing cigarettes known as “Matamis.” It was renamed to Mighty Corp. in 1985 and bought the trademarks of Alhambra Industries in 1993.