WATCH Microsoft launches a new font that doubles up as teaching tool

In celebration of Microsoft Office’s 25th anniversary, Wunderman International India created a new font that functions as an interactive teaching tool.

Microsoft Primer font was specially designed to teach children to identify and memorize the English alphabet. The font was developed to coincide with International Volunteer Day. Once the font is installed on your computer, users need only open their Office document and select Microsoft Primer as their font of choice.

The keyboard then turns into an interactive teaching tool that visually adds meaning to each individual letter. For example, typing “A” or “a” shows up as an apple or airplane on your screen, “B” or “b” becomes a ball or banana, and so on with the rest of the alphabet.

Take a look at how the new font works:


The Microsoft Primer font is part of Microsoft’s “#GreatThingsStartHere” campaign, which has set out to capture stories about the ways people have interacted with Microsoft Office in the past. The font has been downloaded over 2,000 times within a week of its launch. The video release had been viewed more than 500 times since its upload.

Bhavna Kapur, India business lead for the Microsoft account at Wunderman International India said, “Studies have shown that education is what we as a nation value most. According to popular sentiment, knowing English is key to finding a good job. The Microsoft Primer font can be of benefit to anyone who wants to teach or learn English.”


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