Microsoft Asia Pacific next to launch a news room

Riding on the wave of brand journalism, Microsoft Asia Pacific is the next brand to launch a news room.

The Asia Pacific News Center is similar to the global Microsoft News Center, a one-stop-shop for all things Microsoft in Asia Pacific, including news, press resources and opinion pieces.

To kick it off, we’ve posted some great content including video commentary from the President of Microsoft Asia Pacific on his priorities for the region, as well as country-specific commentary from executives in Australia, Singapore and Indonesia. The General Manager of Microsoft Philippines also gives a personal account on the impact of Typhoon Yolanda on the country.

Most recently, payments technology firm Visa has launched its own newsroom, covering the Asia Pacific region.

Other brands that have also stepped into brand journalism include HSBC, which started its Business Without Borders site, created for the bank’s existing and potential clients. Intel also started its Free Press site in 2010, and GE its GE Reports site.