Mic drop: TGV Cinemas' witty FB apology for Korean band BTS' movie cancellation

This is how you get an apology right.

TGV Cinemas  has delighted Korean pop fans with its witty apology on Facebook concerning the screening of BTS' Burn The Stage movie. BTS is a South Korean boy band and the movie features them on tour. The company creatively weaved the titles of some of BTS' hit songs, such as "Not Today", "Blood, Sweat & Tears", "Fire", "Fake Love" and "Love Yourself" into the Facebook apology. The post garnered about 1.2k reactions, 252 comments and 480 shares at the time of writing.

"We know that you were hoping for good news - unfortunately, Not Today. We know that many of you wanted to see your favourite Idol in BTS - Burn The Stage. However, in spite of all of our Blood, Sweat & Tears, our hopes to bring you this concert special have been set on Fire," the post read.

The post added that due to unforeseen circumstances beyond TGV Cinemas' control, it is unable to screen the movie even though music is in its DNA. "We can't bear to spread Fake Love any longer by asking you to stay tuned for more information," it added. TGV Cinemas signed off with the popular phrase "Mic Drop", which also happens to be one of BTS' hit songs.

A+M has reached out to TGV Cinemas for comment.

Netizens' reactions were mainly positive, with some commending the "brilliant" post while others were delighted that one of TGV Cinemas' employees is a BTS fan. The South Korean boy band has gained popularity over the past few years, with companies such as PUMA, Facebook and Coca-Cola collaborating with BTS.