Mediatropy Digital Agency launches a new way to brainstorm


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As a digital agency that operates across four countries, Mediatropy is well aware of how challenging it is to conduct cohesive and productive brainstorms. Let’s face it: not everyone shows up with their A game to a brainstorming session, and ideas do not always flow like champagne at Free Flow Friday.

On top of that, 2020 had to come along and add even more obstacles to the mix. Remote brainstorming made feeding off the room’s energy virtually impossible, while the spontaneous sharing of random thoughts and references became a lot harder to come by.

The new reality of having to collaborate solely via online conferencing was more limiting than ever, but settling for such circumstances has never been how we roll.

“We value the contribution of everyone regardless of designation or seniority. In our agency, every team member should always dare or want to speak up. It’s in our DNA to encourage the seamless exchange of ideas,” shares our co-founder Astrid Boulle to every hire that comes through our doors.

In the spirit of staying true to our culture, we needed to move forward with new ideas. What we needed was a platform to engage and collaborate, while ensuring anyone with something to say was heard. And that is why we decided to build BRAINSTORM Online.

BRAINSTORM Online simplifies the process of collaborative ideation for us and our clients. Its interactive user interface sets the stage for ideas to be exchanged across different mediums essential to creative work.

Whether it’s a quote you heard on TV last night, an image or video you came across on social media, or that song you just can’t get out of your head, BRAINSTORM Online brings it all together into a focused pool of inspiration for everyone to draw from.

It drives the ideation process forward with customisable triggers such as time limits for questions you set, polls in different formats, and animated prompts that gamify the brainstorming experience. Above all, it creates a level playing field that promotes contributions from even the less vocal participants. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about losing that fleeting spark of brilliance because every response is recorded and easily retrieved via a digital portal.

As we continue to innovate as an agency, BRAINSTORM Online has helped us optimise the creative process between our teams in Singapore, Bali, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

We’ve seen an increase in participation from every collaborator across our network – clients included! It has made us more cohesive and productive by turning individual contributions into a collective vision.

This has helped inspire new ideas for Marriott International, Mastercard, Yves Rocher (with whom we recently won an award in the Most Effective Use – TV/Video Advertising category), as well as many more clients we are grateful to partner with.

BRAINSTORM Online will officially launch in early February 2021. If you would like to learn more and try it out with your team, or sign up for a free trial at

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