MediaCorp runs campaign for digital TV switchover

MediaCorp and the Media Development Authority have launched an integrated campaign for its new digital TV initiative, called the Digital TV Switch-Over.

Earlier, the MDA made an announcement on the launch of  its Digital TV Assistance Scheme to help eligible low income households switch to digital TV.

Created by Ren Partnership, the campaign goes across television, print, OOH, radio and digital.

The campaign revolves around the tagline of ‘Digital TV. Make the switch without a hitch.’

Chris Chiu, founder of Ren Partnership said: “With the advent of Digital TV, what MediaCorp and MDA will be providing is an improved offering. So our challenge was to figure out how to communicate that in an engaging way.”

Chiu added that the agency was careful to run this across all four communities via respective free-to-air stations.

Karen Yew head of MediaCorp brand & communications said that it had used its artistes in a way “never done before”. Yew added: "Increasingly, content is being produced in digital format, which comes with better pictures, sound and interactivity. We’re well on our way  to switching over to full digital broadcasting  to ensure that all our consumers continue to enjoy quality TV programmes from around the world, as well as new offerings  in digital content and services.​​"