Singapore Kindness Movement aims to spread smiles

Singapore Kindness Movement has partnered up with MediaCorp's OOH Media to launch this year's Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) campaign - “A Nation of Kindness Starts with One”.

“Mirror Mirror on the 6 Sheet panels”, is a creative concept used to convey this year’s Singapore Kindness Movement message, “If I can smile at myself, I can make someone smile today.”

[caption id="attachment_67910" align="aligncenter" width="576"]The 6-panel shelter of "Mirror Mirror" The 6-panel shelter of "Mirror Mirror"[/caption]

Approximately 120 OOH Media’s bus shelter have been utilised to showcase the campaign which runs up until 8 October. These panels are each outfitted with a mirror and a note encouraging passersby to take a selfie using the mirror. For each selfie taken and posted online with the hashtag #nationofkindness, SKM's  partner, Gardenia will pledge a loaf of bread to be donated to a needy family on the participant’s behalf.

Cesar Balota, associate general secretary, marketing & strategy, SKM said: "Our campaign theme revolves around the idea of taking ownership of kindness. For that to happen, we want to meaningfully engage the public and spur them to action. The mirror bus stop concept was an innovative way to get the public involved in doing something kind while reminding them that their efforts are important to creating a kinder Singapore."

Henry Goh, head of MediaCorp’s OOH Media, said that the partnership "displayed [the company's] ability to go beyond the norm when it comes to outdoor advertising, where it is able to "influence the general populace and create a better, kinder Singapore.”