Mediacorp OOH Media and Dove collaborate to create full sensory experience

Mediacorp OOH Media worked with Unilever Singapore to create an “extivation” (activation marketing that comprises a full sensory experience) at the entrance of Orchard Gateway. The stunt was held to celebrate and promote the launch of the new Dove Oxygen Moisture Body Wash.

To raise awareness and visibility for the new product, an outdoor mini experiential zone coupled with Mediacorp’s OOH Media outdoor digital screen was created. Dove Oxygen Moisture Body Wash is targeted at women aged 30 to 45 years old. The location was strategically chosen for its high human traffic and its proximity to points of purchase at 313 Somerset and Orchard Point.

The execution included a shower area and two portable sinks. Passers-bys could try out the new Dove Oxygen Moisture Body Wash and promoters dressed in white bathrobes were on-site to assist in the entire process. Dove-scented bubbles were also periodically released to garner attention from members of the public.

Additionally, there was a digital counter that tracked the number of people who have tried the product and liked it. To wrap up the interaction process, members of the public were also asked to write the word “light” on a balloon and release it into an allocated space. Both the counter and the number of balloons released serves as a visual testimonial to the product proposition. Advertisements for the product were also played from the digital screen above the activation area to complete the whole immersive sensory experience.

The media agency behind the campaign was Mindshare Singapore and creative work was done by Mediacorp creative services and artberry, Thailand.

As part of the campaign, Dove also bought into Mediacorp OOH Media’s island-wide 6-sheet network for four weeks from 2 to 29 March 2017. The locations of the panels covered places near offices and key residential areas to raise awareness and product recall amongst the target audience.

Vicki Ting, brand manager, Unilever Singapore said, “The Extivation allows us to engage our target audience on the move on a deeper level, igniting their senses via a multitude of platforms and activities – enhancing product recall and creating paths to purchase.”

Henry Goh, head of OOH Media said, “Extivations such as these allows brands to effectively communicate with consumers on a more personal and direct level. We can provide a full sensory experience whilst helping to create personalised experiential engagement that deliver a holistic brand experience to their target audience.”

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